Just in time for a quiet moment in the final days of the year, here is a list of recently published books on manuscript studies, prepared by Ed van der Vlist, as always. For easy printing, there is also a PDF version, without pictures.

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BeerBeer, Manuela, Iris Metje, Karen Straub, Saskia Werth & Moritz Woelk (eds.), Die Heiligen Drei Könige. Mythos, Kunst und Kult / The Magi. Legend, art and cult. Köln/München: Hirmer, 2014. 335 pp., col. ills. ISBN 978-3-7774-2268-8 (German) and 978-3-7774-2267-1 (English). € 49,90.

Catalogue for the exhibition at the Museum Schnütgen, Cologne 25 October 2014-25 January 2015.


Beier KubinaBeier, Christine, & Evelyn Theresia Kubina (eds.), Wege zum illuminierten Buch. Herstellungsbedingungen für Buchmalerei in Mittelalter und früher Neuzeit. Wien/Köln/Weimar: Böhlau, 2014. 297 pp., 194 col. ills. ISBN 978-3-205-79491-2. € 59.

Thirteen contributions on the production of illuminated manuscripts.


BellBell, David N., The library of the abbey of La Trappe. A study of its history from the twelfth century to the French Revolution, with an annotated edition of the 1752 catalogue. Brepols, 2014 (Medieval Church Studies: 32). XIV, 648 pp., 3 b/w ills. ISBN 978-2-503-54571-4. € 125.

Study of the library of a cistercian abbey in Normandy.


Bepler HeitzmannBepler, Jochen, & Christian Heitzmann (eds.), Der Albani-Psalter. Stand und Perspektiven der Forschung / The St Albans Psalter. Current research and perspectives. Hildesheim/Zürich/New York: Georg Olms, 2013 (Hildesheimer Forschungen: 4). 230 pp., 81 col. and 34 b/w ills. ISBN 978-3-487-14835-9. € 39,80.

Papers given at the international conference held in Hildesheim, 2009.


Beriou MorardBériou, Nicole, Martin Morard & Donatella Nebbiai (eds.), Entre stabilité et itinérance. Livres et culture des ordres mendiants XIIIe-XVe siècle. Turnhout: Brepols, 2014 (Bibliologia. Elementa ad librorum studia pertinentia: 37). 470 pp., 26 b/w ills. ISBN 978-2-503-55019-0. € 85.

Sixteen contributions to the international conference of the IRHT held in Paris, 2010.


BischofBischof, Janika, Testaments, donations, and the value of books as gifts. A study of records from medieval England. Frankfurt am Main [etc.]: Peter Lang, 2014 (Münsteraner Monographien zur englischen Literatur / Münster Monographs on English Literature: 36). 357 pp. ISBN 9783631633151. € 63,50

Analysis of written sources with information on the material and immaterial values associated with books in the manuscript age.


BischoffBischoff, Bernhard, Katalog der festländischen Handschriften des neunten Jahrhunderts (mit Ausnahme der wisigotischen). Teil III: Padua – Zwickau. Aus dem Nachlaß herausgegeben von Birgit Ebersperger. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2014 (Veröffentlichungen der Kommission für die Herausgabe der mittelalterlichen Bibliothekskataloge Deutschlands und der Schweiz). XXIV, 628 pp. ISBN 978-3-447-10056-4. € 168.

Long-awaited final volume, describing nearly 4000 manuscripts. A register volume is in preparation.


Bretscher-GisigerBretscher-Gisiger, Charlotte, Peter Kamber & Mikkel Mangold, Katalog der mittelalterlichen Hand­schriften des Klosters St. Urban. Dietikon-Zürich: Urs Graf, 2013. 272 pp., 68 coll. ills. ISBN 978-3-85951-278-8. CHF 148 / € 120.

Contains descriptions of 70 medieval manuscripts and 5 fragments, 12th-16th century.


Carmassi SchlotheuberCarmassi, Patrizia, Eva Schlotheuber & Almut Breitenbach, Schriftkultur und religiöse Zentren im norddeutschen Raum. Wiesbaden: Harassowitz, 2014 (Wolfenbütteler Mittelalter-Studien: 24). 548 pp., 106 b/w and col. ills. ISBN 978-3-447-10016-8. € 108.

Eleven essays on various subjects concerning writing in medieval northern Germany.


CavalloCavallo, Guglielmo, & Giovanna Nicolaj (eds.), Chartae Latinae Antiquiores. Facsimile-edition of the Latin charters. 2nd series: Ninth century. Part LXXXIII: Italy LV, Lucca XII. Published by Antonino Mastruzzo. Dietikon-Zürich: Urs Graf, 2013. 151 pp., b/w ills. ISBN 978-3-85951-225-2. CHF 780 / € 630.

Concerns 46 charters, dated 872-875.


Cavallo, Guglielmo, & Giovanna Nicolaj (eds.), Chartae Latinae Antiquiores. Facsimile-edition of the Latin charters. 2nd series: Ninth century. Part LXXXIV: Italy LVI, Lucca XIII. Published by Clelia Gattagrisi, Corinna Drago Tedeschini & Paolo Fioretti. Dietikon-Zürich: Urs Graf, 2014. 160 pp., b/w ills. ISBN 978-3-85951-226-9. CHF 780 / € 630.

Concerns 47 charters, dated 875-881.


Cavallo, Guglielmo, & Giovanna Nicolaj (eds.), Chartae Latinae Antiquiores. Facsimile-edition of the Latin charters. 2nd series: Ninth century. Part XCIII: Italy LXV, Parma II. Published by Christina Mantegna. Dietikon-Zürich: Urs Graf, 2014. 164 pp., b/w ills. ISBN 978-3-85951-235-1. CHF 780 / € 630.

Concerns 35 charters, dated 826-896.


Cayley PowellCayley, Emma, & Susan Powell (eds.), Manuscripts and printed books in Europe 1350-1550. Packaging, presentation and consumption. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2013 (Exeter Studies in Medieval Europe). 327 pp., b/w ills. ISBN 978-0-85989-870-6. £ 70.

Fourteen articles with innovative research on the history of the book, primarily in medieval England.


431306_Clouzot_UG.inddClouzot, Martine, Musique, folie et nature au Moyen Âge. Les figurations du fou musicien dans les manuscrits enluminés (XIIIe-XVe siècles). Bern [etc.]: Peter Lang, 2014. 500 pp., 7 b/w and 7 col. ills. ISBN 978-3-0343-1306-3. € 100,70.

Anthropology of images depicting musicians, based on medieval manuscripts.


Dartmann ScharffDartmann, Christoph, Thomas Scharff & Christoph Friedrich Weber (eds.), Zwischen Pragmatik und Performanz. Dimensionen mittelalterlicher Schriftkultur. Turnhout: Brepols, 2011 (Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy: 18). VIII, 489 pp., 18 b/w ills. ISBN 978-2-503-54137-2. € 90.

Seventeen essays dealing with social and political uses of the written word in premodern Europe, delivered at a conference in honour of Hagen Keller in Münster, 2007.


De RobertisDe Robertis, Teresa, & Rosanna Miriello (eds.), I manoscritti datati della Biblioteca Riccardiana di Firenze. IV: Mss. 2001-4270. Firenze: SISMEL, Edizioni del Galluzzo, 2013 (Manoscritti datati d’Italia: 23). X, 174 pp., 155 b/w ills. ISBN 978-88-8450-491-3. With cd-rom. € 250.

Contains descriptions of 143 manuscripts; with indices on all 559 manuscripts in the now complete series of four volumes on this library.


DelsauxDelsaux, Olivier, Manuscrits et pratiques autographes chez les écrivains français de la fin du moyen âge. L’exemple de Christine de Pizan. Genève: Droz, 2013 (Publications Romanes et Françaises: 258). 616 pp., 1 ill. ISBN 978-2-600-21702-6. € 74.

Philological and codicological study of more than fifty Pizan manuscripts.


Delsaux Van HemelryckDelsaux, Olivier, & Tania Van Hemelryck (eds.), Les manuscrits autographes en français au Moyen Âge. Guide de recherches. Turnhout: Brepols, 2014 (Texte, Codex & Contexte: 15). 285 pp., 14 b/w ills. ISBN 978-2-503-52279-1. € 71.

Repertoire of and selective bibliography on autograph French manuscripts, with three revised articles by Gilbert Ouy.


Layout 1Doyle, Kathleen, & Scot McKendrick (eds.), 1000 years of royal books and manuscripts. London: British Library, 2013. 323 pp., 94 col. ills. ISBN 978-0-7123-5708-1. £ 45.

Ten essays on the development of royal libraries, manuscripts and printed books.


Erdmann GoviErdmann, Axel, Alberto Govi & Fabrizio Govi, Ars epistolica. Communication in sixteenth century Western Europe: epistolaries, letter-writing manuals and model letter books 1501-1600. Luzern: Gilhofer & Ranschburg, 2014. XXV, 771 pp., ills. ISBN 978-3-033-04329-9. € 150.

Descriptions of printed letter collections, letter-writing manuals and model letter collections, with finding lists and comprehensive list of secondary sources.


FabreJan Fabre: Illuminations Enluminures. Trésors enluminés de France. [Exposition, Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, 08/11/2013 – 10/02/2014] Tourcoing: Editions Invenit, 2013. 286 pp., col. ills. ISBN 9782918698562. € 29.

Confronts the work of the modern artist Jan Fabre (Antwerp 1958) with some illuminated manuscripts and other art objects from the 12th-17th century in public collections in northern France.


Fein Johnston ThorntonFein, Susanna, & Michael Johnston (eds.), Robert Thornton and his books. Essays on the Lincoln and London Thornton manuscripts. Woodbridge: York Medieval Press, 2014. 310 pp., b/w ills. ISBN 978-1-903153-51-2. £ 60.

Eight essays on two manuscripts copied by Robert Thornton around the middle of the fifteenth century.


FournieFournié, Eléonore, L’iconographie de la Bible Historiale. Turnhout: Brepols, 2012 (Répertoire Iconographique de la Littérature du Moyen Âge: 2). 269 pp., 130 b/w and 53 col. ills. ISBN 978-2-503-53532-6. € 65.

Opens up Guyart des Moulins’ succesful creation, presenting Brussels, BR, ms. 9001-9002 (Paris, early 15th c.).


FreemanFreeman, Arthur, Bibliotheca fictiva. A collection of books & manuscripts relating to literary forgery 400 BC-AD 2000. London: Bernard Quaritch, 2014. XVI, 424 pp., 36 b/w and 1 col. ills. ISBN 978-0-9563012-8-4. £ 60 / c. € 73.

Seeks to define and describe literary forgeries, with inventory of books and manuscripts relating to this controversial genre.


GoehringGoehring, Margaret, Space, place and ornament: the function of landscape in medieval manuscript illumination. Turnhout: Brepols, 2013. 196 [+16] pp., 85 b/w and 16 col. ills. ISBN 978-2-503-52977-6. € 105.

Analyzes the functions of landscape imagery within medieval Northern Europe manuscript illumination.


HamburgerHamburger, Jeffrey F., Script as image. Paris/Leuven/Walpole, MA: Peeters, 2014 (Corpus of Illuminated Manuscripts: 21). 71 pp., 39 col. ills. ISBN 978-90-429-3035-3. € 25.

Aims to amplify ways in which medieval scribes represented sacred speech in visual forms, such as display scripts, monograms, nomina sacra and speech scrolls.


HauschildHauschild, Stephanie, Skriptorium. Die mittelalterliche Buchwerkstatt. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 2013. 144 pp., 40 b/w and col. ills. ISBN 978-3-8053-4606-1. € 24,99.

Elementary overview of the production of books in the manuscript age.


Horobin MooneyHorobin, Simon, & Linne Mooney (eds.), Middle English texts in transition. A Festschrift dedicated to Toshiyuki Takamiya on his 70th birthday. Woodbridge : York Medieval Press, 2014. XIX, 335 pp., 39 b/w ills. ISBN 978-1-903153-53-6. £ 60.

Seventeen essays centred on late medieval English manuscripts and their texts.


HourihaneHourihane, Colum (ed.), Manuscripta illuminata. Approaches to understanding medieval & Renaissance manuscripts. Princeton: Princeton University / Penn State University Press, 2014 (Index of Christian Art: Occasional Papers: 16). 286 pp., 168 col. and 10 b/w ills. ISBN 978-0-9837537-3-5. € 26,90.

Conference papers on manuscripts at Princeton, placing the university’s collection in the broader framework of manuscript studies.


Jenni TheisenJenni, Ulrike, & Maria Theisen, Mitteleuropäische Schulen IV (ca. 1380-1400). Hofwerkstätten König Wenzels IV. und deren Umkreis. Wien: Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2014 (Philosophisch-Historische Klasse, Denkschriften: 458; Veröffentlichungen zum Schrift- und Buchwesen des Mittelalters, Reihe I: Die illuminierten Handschriften und Inkunabeln der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek: 13). 2 vols., 252 and 56 pp., 130 b/w and 272 col. ills. ISBN 978-3-7001-7203-1. € 121.

Catalogues 14 manuscripts in Bohemian court style.


Blackburn exhib catalogue - cover - 28 Oct 13 - final version.inJohnston, Cynthia, & Sarah J. Biggs (eds.), Blackburn’s ‘Worthy Citizen’: the philanthropic legacy of R.E. Hart. London: Institute of English Studies, 2013. 53 pp., 32 col. and 4 b/w ills. ISBN 978-0-9927257-0-9. £ 8.

Companion to the exhibition, November 2013, in the Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, with introduction to the history and content of the R.E. Hart Collection.


KennedyKennedy, Kathleen E., The courtly and commercial art of the Wycliffite Bible. Turnhout: Brepols, 2014 (Medieval Chuch Studies: 35). 234 pp., 58 b/w ills. ISBN 978-2-503-54752-7. € 75.

Examines the illuminations of the first complete translation of the Bible into English.


KingsleyKingsley, Jennifer P., The Bernward Gospels. Art, memory, and the episcopate in medieval Germany. University Park: Pennsylvania State University, 2014. 195 pp., 18 col. and 34 b/w ills. ISBN 978-0-271-06079-8. $ 79,95 / € 61,40.

Interpretive study of the pictorial program of bishop Bernward of Hildesheim’s 11th-century gospel book.


KlugeKluge, Mathias Franc, Die Macht des Gedächtnisses. Entstehung und Wandel kommunaler Schriftkultur im spätmittelalterlichen Augsburg. Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2014 (Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions: 181). 428 pp., 3 ills. ISBN 978-90-04-26675-9. € 138.

On the proces of ‘Verschriftlichung’ in late medieval Augsburg.


ManionManion, Margaret M., & Charles Zika, Celebrating word and image 1250-1600. Illuminated manuscripts from the Kerry Stokes Collection. Fremantle: Fremantle Press, 2013. 80 pp. ISBN 9781922089595. $ 45.

Catalogue of the exhibition of twelve manuscripts from a private collection in the New Norcia Museum and Art Gallery, Australia.


Meale PearsallMeale, Carol M., & Derek Pearsall (eds.), Makers and users of medieval books. Essays in honour of A.S.G. Edwards. Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2014. XVI, 258 pp., 35 b/w ills. ISBN 978-1-84384-375-7. £ 60.

Fifteen contribution to the history of late medieval manuscripts and early modern prints.


MorganMorgan, Nigel, & Stella Panayotova, with the assistance of Rebecca Rushforth (eds.), Illuminated manuscripts in Cambridge. A catalogue of western book illumination in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Cambridge Colleges. Part four: The British Isles. Volume one: Insular and Anglo-Saxon manuscripts c. 700-c. 1100. London/Turnhout: Harvey Miller, 2013. 360 pp., 440 col. ills. ISBN 978-1-909400-04-7. € 175.

Catalogues 97 manuscripts. With addenda to the previously published parts on Frankish manuscripts (2009) and addenda and corrigenda on Italian and Iberian manuscripts (2011).


MostertMostert, Marco, & Anna Adamska (eds.), Writing and the administration of medieval towns. Medieval urban literacy I. Turnhout: Brepols, 2014 (Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy: 27). XVI, 366 pp., 26 b/w ills. ISBN 978-2-503-54959-0. € 90. Eisdem (eds.), Uses of the written word in medieval towns. Medieval urban literacy II. Turnhout: Brepols, 2014 (Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy: 28). XX, 453 pp., 25 b/w ills. ISBN 978-2-503-54960-6. € 100.

33 contributions resulting from the research project ‘Medieval Urban Literacy’, presented during the International Medieval Congress in Leeds, 2007-2009.


MüllerMüller, Monika E., Der Bernward-Psalter im Wandel der Zeiten. Eine Studie zu Ausstattung und Funktion. Wiesbaden: Harassowitz, 2013 (Wolfenbütteler Mittelalter-Studien: 23). 384 pp., 66 b/w and col. ills. ISBN 978-3-447-10013-7. € 98.

All there is to know about this magnificent early 11th-century manuscript, acquired by the Herzog August Bibliothek in 2007.


Müller use of modelsMüller, Monika E. (ed.), The use of models in medieval book painting. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014. XXXIV, 204 pp., b/w ills. ISBN 978-1-4438-5532-7. £ 44,99.

Seven essays circling around the problematic relation between ‘original’ and ‘copy’ in manuscript illumination.


RuysRuys, Juanita Feros, John O. Ward & Melanie Heyworth (eds.), The classics in the medieval and renaissance classroom. The role of ancient texts in the arts curriculum as revealed by surviving manuscripts and early printed books. Turnhout: Brepols, 2013 (Disputatio: 20). VIII, 420 pp., 2 b/w ills. ISBN 978-2-503-52754-3. € 100.

Explores the contexts that produced text of and on the ancient classics.


SaucierSaucier, Catherine, A paradise of priests. Singing the civic and episcopal hagiography of medieval Liège. Rochester: University of Rochester Press, 2014 (Eastman Studies in Music). 316 pp. ISBN 9781580464802. £ 50.

Uncovers the symbiosis of saintly and civic ideals in music, rituals, and hagiographic writing.


SchedlSchedl, Barbara, Der Plan von St. Gallen. Ein Modell europäischer Klosterkultur. Mit einem Beitrag von Karl Brunner. Wien/Köln/Weimar: Böhlau, 2014. 146 pp., 21 b/w and col. ills., 1 facs. ISBN 978-3-205-79502-5. € 29,90.

Compact survey on the famous architectural drawing, made in Reichenau before 830.


Schafe[Schnoor, Franziska, Karl Schmuki, Doris Oltrogge & Robert Fuchs], Schafe für die Ewigkeit. Handschriften und ihre Herstellung. Katalog zur Jahresausstellung in der Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen (1. Dezember 2013 bis 9. November 2014). St. Gallen: Verlag am Klosterhof, 2013. 143 pp., col. ills. ISBN 978-3-905906-09-7, € 48.

Nicely illustrated catalogue, concentrating on writing materials.


ScottScott, Kathleen L., An index of images in English manuscripts from the time of Chaucer to Henry VIII c. 1380-/c. 1509. British Library I: MSS Additional and Egerton. London/Turnhout, Harvey Miller, 2014. 360 pp., 37 b/w ills. ISBN 978-1-905375-63-9. € 115.

This volume describes 322 Additional and 63 Egerton manuscripts, while 431 other manuscripts of the period were also examined for representations.


ScraggScragg, Donald, A conspectus of scribal hands writing English, 960-1100. Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2012 (Publications of The Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon studies: 11). XXII, 94 pp., 5 b/w ills. ISBN 978-1-84384-286-6. £ 75.

Annotated list of more than a thousand known hands, with details of their work.


SteinmannSteinmann, Martin, Handschriften im Mittelalter. Eine Quellensammlung. Basel: Schwabe, 2013. 932 pp., 1 ill. ISBN 978-3-7965-2890-3. € 84,50.

Very nice collection of sources and citations on the production, use and keeping of manuscripts in the Middle Ages, in Latin and the vernaculars, with modern German translation and arranged chronologically.


StokesStokes, Peter A., English vernacular minuscule from Æthelred to Cnut c. 990-c. 1035. Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2014 (Publications of The Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon studies: 14). XII, 265 pp., 20 b/w ills. ISBN 978-1-84384-369-6. £ 60.

Analysis of the complete corpus of c. 500 surviving manuscripts and documents written in English vernacular minuscule, with reexamination of the evidence for dating and localising them.


TheisenTheisen, Maria (ed.), Engel. Himmlische Boten in alten Handschriften. Darmstadt: Lambert Schneider, 2014. 208 pp., 180 col. ills. ISBN 978-3-650-40094-9. € 41,90.

Exhibition catalogue presenting angels in judaism, christianity and islam from manuscripts in the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek.


Van HoorebeeckVan Hoorebeeck, Céline, Livres et lectures des fonctionnaires des ducs de Bourgogne (ca 1420-1520). Turnhout: Brepols, 2014 (Texte, Codex & Contexte: 16). 660 pp. ISBN 978-2-503-54441-0. € 99.

Impressive study of books owned by officials serving the dukes of Burgundy. With biographical repertoire, documentary repertoire and descriptive catalogue of the books.


WieckWieck, Roger S., with contributions by Francisco H. Trujillo, Miracles in miniature. The art of the Master of Claude de France. New York: Pierpont Morgan Library, 2014. 104 pp., 95 col. ills. ISBN 978-0-87598-167-3. $ 25 / € 19,20.

On the Morgan’s manuscripts with paintings by one of the last great French illuminators, working in Tours c. 1508-1520.


WilloughbyWilloughby, James M.W. (ed.), The libraries of collegiate churches. British Library/British Academy, 2013 (Corpus of British medieval library catalogues: 15). 2 vols., LXXXIX, 1130 pp., 4 b/w ills. ISBN 978-0-7123-5706-7. £ 125.

Collection of inventories, bequests, booklists and other sources mentioning books from collegiate libraries outside universities.